Charlene Knowlton’s many strengths as an artist and teacher emanate from her strong intuitive sense of visual history and narrative. Charlene’s fluentcy in the vocabulary and concepts of contemporary visual art and design, afford her an innate sense of pictorial composition and visual storytelling. Her breadth of knowledge and experience, makes her the consummate teacher, working equally and effectively with students in any capacity.

Charlene Knowlton’s painting and painting installations deal with the layering of cultural pattern and symbols. She juxtaposes this language from different times and places, creating a rich visual dialogue that draws on our shred experience of cultural recognition. She often uses unusual formats to charge her imagery with a particular context. Her many sources include tribal pattern, classical European motifs, wallpaper scenes and patterns, and images from the media. She ties together this disparate imagery with her beatiful and energetic handling of paint and mixed media. Her paintings, drawings and installations, evoke a timeless sense of poetic beauty, and an intuitive grasp of the allure and ravages of history, and humanity.

Knowlton a Los Angeles-based artist, lives Virginia, and has exhibited her work in galleries and museums across the country. She is the recipient of a National Endowment Fellowship in painting.